Dear athletes, dear fans and owners of Rottweilers, dear friends!

On behalf of the Rottweiler Club of the Czech Republic (RCRC), it is a great honour and pleasure to invite you all to the IFR World Championships in the IGP and IFH categories, which will be hosted by the South Bohemian town of Jindřichův Hradec on 16-21 October 2023. The opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday 18 October and the IFR Delegates Congress on Monday 16 October.

I have been breeding Rottweilers for more than 30 years. I am the owner of the kennel Terezský dvůr. My goal has always been healthy dogs with excellent exterior and balanced character. Besides breeding I am also an international judge of the exterior of the Rottweiler breed.

The fact that Rottweilers are working dogs, both precise trackers and fearless defenders, is proven by every IFR World Championship. I wish on behalf of the whole Board of the RKCR all competitors to succeed in their work at the competition, to perform exactly according to their expectations - and also not to lack the much needed luck.

On behalf of the organizing team, I can promise that we will do our best to enjoy our days together and the championship will be fair, professional and friendly in all respects.

We look forward to seeing you, on behalf of the organizers

Karel Frank, Chairman of the RCRC and Head of the IFR 2023 World Championship


All necessary information about the event can be found here on the website, on the RKCR website and on the official Facebook page of the RKCR.
Sincerely, the RKCR Board

  • Karel Frank